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[Yomotsu kami](Kojiki)
Kami (singular or plural) ruling over the underworld land of death (Yomi). When Izanagi's consort Izanami died, he visited her in the land of death and asked her to continue helping him perfect the land, which had been left incomplete with her death. Izanami, however, replied that she had already eaten food from the land of Yomi and must consult with the "kami of Yomi" (Yomotsukami). When Izanagi later broke a promise, however, he was pursued by the "hags of Yomi" (Yomotsuhisame) and the "legions of Yomi"; he uttered words of divorce at Yomotsuhirasaka (the "Even Pass of Yomi"). Kojiki also later calls Izanami the "Great kami of Yomi" (Yomotsu ōkami).

-Matsunaga Naomichi
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