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Yomotsu kotosakanoo
[Yomotsu kotosakanoo](Nihongi)
A kami related in an "alternate writing" transmitted by the Nihongi, and which effected the separation of Izanagi and his deceased consort Izanami in the land of Yomi. Koto-saka means to "sever a relationship." Koto can mean either "word" or "thing," while saka derives from sakaru, to remove or separate. Izanagi followed his deceased spouse Izanami to the underworld, but he disobeyed Izanami's warning not to look upon her, and thus saw her in her decaying state. Shamed by his own act, Izanagi fled and spoke an oath of divorce at the Even Pass of Yomi. The kami Yomotsukotosakanoo ("the man of words of separation of Yomi") appeared together with Hayatamanoo ("man of valiant spirit") as a confirmation of Izanagi's oath.

-Matsunaga Naomichi
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