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Izumo Shinyū Kyōkai
A Shinto-derived new religion founded in 1968 by Hosoya Seiko (1927-) after she had practiced austerities in a number of places including Izumo, Nara and Eiheiji (a prominent Zen Buddhist temple in Fukui Prefecture). As the number of followers expanded, the group moved the following year from Hakue to its present location in Kawasaki and built its main center of worship there. The group teaches that Ōkuninushi ōkami transmits divine virtues and the way of the nether world as the realm of the spirits of the dead, and it emphasizes the importance of performing memorial rituals for ancestors (senzo kuyō). It also conducts pilgrimages to Izumo Shrine and calls these okunigaeri ("returning to the homeland").
Headquarters:Kanagawa Prefecture
Nominal membership: approximately 1,500.

- Inoue Nobutaka
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