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[Ame no oshihi no mikoto] (Kojiki)
One of the kami accompanying the Heavenly Grandchild on his descent from heaven (tenson kōrin). Ancestral kami (sojin) of lineages descending from the Ōtomo and Saeki clans. According to Kogo shūi, Amenooshihi was the child of Takamimusuhi. In Kojiki, he took up arms and accompanied Amatsukume no mikoto to act as guard to Ninigi. Kogo shūi and an "alternate writing" transmitted by Nihongi state that he put on arms and led Ametsukushitsu ōkume (ancestor of the Kume-Be), proceeding as far as Takachiho in Hyūga of Tsukushi.

-Mori Mizue
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