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[Ame no oshihomimi no mikoto](Kojiki)
Other names: Masakaakatsu kachihayahi ame no oshihomimi no mikoto(Kojiki,Nihongi), Masakaakatsu kachihayahi ame no oshihone no mikoto(Nihongi)

One of the male kami produced as a result of the trial by pledge (ukei) performed by Amaterasu and Susanoo. According to both Kojiki and Nihongi, Amaterasu and Susanoo furnished personal items as "seed" (monozane) for the pledge; Amaterasu furnished the "Five-hundred Yasaka jewels" which she wore, and from those were produced five male deities, one of which was Amenooshihomimi. Oshihomimi was later ordered by Amaterasu and Takagi no kami to descend to the Central Land of Reed Plains, but it was first necessary to pacify the Central Land, and in the interval, Oshihomimi had a son, Ninigi. As a result, following pacification of the land, Ninigi was entrusted with the mission, and he descended in place of Oshihomimi.

-Nishioka Kazuhiko
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