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A vassal kami to Amewakahiko. In order to question Amewakahiko regarding his delayed return to Heaven, Amaterasu and Takamimusuhi sent a pheasant as observer and messenger. Amenosagume saw the pheasant observing Amewakahiko from a tree outside the gate, and thinking its cry an evil omen, urged Amewakahiko to shoot the bird. Amewakahiko shot the pheasant with an arrow he had received from the heavenly kami (amatsukami), but he was himself killed as the arrow fell back to earth.

The term sagume means a fortune-teller, and it has been said that the demonic Buddhist figures "Amanojaku" derive from the name of this kami. An "alternate writing" quoted in Nihongi describes Amenosagume as an "earthly deity" (kunitsukami).

-Mori Mizue
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