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Deguchi Nao
Founder of the religious group Ōmoto . Born in the castle town Fukuchiyama in Tanba Province (present-day Kyoto Prefecture), Nao was the eldest daughter of carpenter Kirimura Gorōsaburō, but was later adopted into the Deguchi household. Her husband Masagorō was also a carpenter but neglected his family, causing Nao to experience a life of hardship.
      On New Year's Day, 1892, Nao first experienced possession by a kami known to her as Ushitora no Konjin, who declared that soon the "Great Cleansing of the Three Thousand Worlds" would commence. Nao repeatedly experienced possession and from 1894 began to write her Fudesaki (Tip of the Writing Brush) through a process of automatic writing. She initially conducted her religious activities as a branch member of Konkōkyō, but gradually became opposed to its regulations and became independent.
      Nao met Deguchi Onisaburō in 1899 and the pair formed a working relationship. Onisaburō interpreted Nao's Fudesaki, resulting in a text with a greater potential for social influence, but occasional differences of opinions arose between the two. Deguchi Nao died on November 6, 1918, at age eighty-three. Her teachings are characterized by their apocalyptic thought.

- Inoue Nobutaka
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