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Awasakumitama, Sokodokumitama, Tsubutatsumitama
Alternate names for the kami Sarutahiko. At the time of the Descent of the Heavenly Granchild (tenson kōrin), Sarutahiko met him and acted as guide; later he returned to his native land, accompanied by Amenouzume. Afterwards, he was fishing at Azaka (present day Matsuzaka-shi) in the district of Ishi of Ise Province when his hand was caught in a clam, and he was dragged into the water and drowned. According to Kojiki, Sarutahiko was given three different names, each referring to his spirit at the respective stage of his drowning. When he sank to the bottom of the sea, his name was Sokodokumitama ("bottom"); when foamy bubbles appeared on the surface, his name was Tsubutatsumitama ("bubble-rising"), and when the bubbles burst, his name was Awasakumitama ("foam-burst"). This record is thus considered evidence that Sarutahiko was a tutelary of matters relating to the sea. Sarutahiko's three spirits are worshiped at the shrine Azaka Jinja in Ichishi District, Mie Prefecture.

-Kobori Keiko
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