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[Chimata no kami] (Kojiki)
The tutelary kami of "crossroads" or "forking paths." According to Kojiki, this kami was produced when Izanagi threw down his formal trousers (mihakama) in order to perform ablutions at the Straits of Tachibana after returning from the underworld land of Yomi (Yomotsukuni). The same kami's name does not appear, however, in the corresponding passage of Nihongi. Instead, Nihongi and Kogo shūi identify the kami of the crossroads as Sarutahiko. In his Kojikiden, Motoori Norinaga identifies Chimata no kami with the Yachimatahiko and Yachimatahime which appear in the Engishiki.

-Nakayama Kaoru
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