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[Futodama no mikoto] (Kojiki)
A kami identified as ancestor of the Inbe clan, and whose characteristics are believed to reflect the official functions of the clan as court ritualists. Kogo shūi records Futodama as the child of Takuhatachijihime, and grandchild of Takamimusuhi no kami. At the time of Amaterasu's hiding away in the rock cave of heaven, he and Amenokoyane performed divination by erecting "five-hundred true sakaki trees" (many-branched sakaki trees decorated with jewels, mirrors, and "blue and white" cloth offerings [nigite]). He was also sent as one of the five clan heads accompanying Ninigi at the time of his descent as Heavenly Grandchild (tenson kōrin). Kogo shūi describes Futodama as the principal leader of the series of divine rites performed at the time of the rock cave incident, and thus places him in a superior role to the two kami Ishikoridome no mikoto and Kushiakarutama no mikoto at the time of Ninigi's descent.

-Kadoya Atsushi
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