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[Haniyasu no kami] (Nihongi)
A tutelary kami of earth. According to an "alternate writing" recorded in Nihongi, Haniyasu no kami was produced by Izanagi and Izanami after they had completed giving birth to the "Great Eight-Island Country" (Ōyashimaguni). The name haniyasu is thought to mean "to knead earth so as to make it soft." Kojiki relates that the two kami Haniyasubiko no kami and Haniyasubime no kami were produced from Izanami's feces. Kami with similar names include Haniyamahiko and Haniyamabime, two kami thought to have the same divine virtues and powers (shintoku), and which are collectively known by the name Haniyasu no kami. Haniyasu no kami is worshiped even today alongside other deities, frequently on the occasion of groundbreaking rituals (jichinsai).

-Nakayama Kaoru
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