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[Honoakari no mikoto] (Nihongi)
According to Nihongi, one of three kami born to Konohana no Sakuyahime after spending a single night cohabiting with Ninigi. Honoakari is claimed as the first ancestor of the clan called Owari no Muraji, but differing birth orders are described in the various traditions transmitted by Nihongi. According to Kojiki and two of the "alternate writing" traditions related by Nihongi, Honoakari was the first offspring born to Amenooshihomimi and Yorozuhatahime (daughter of Takamimusuhi), while the second son was Ninigi. Kojiki and an "alternate writing" transmitted by Nihongi state that the kami's name was Amenohoakari no mikoto, and Nihongi tradition goes on to claim that the offspring of this kami, Amanokaguyama, was remote ancestor of the Owari no Muraji.

Another "alternate writing" in Nihongi likewise gives the name Amaterukuniteruhiko Hoakari as remote ancestor of the Owari no Muraji.
The Shinsen shōjiroku provides the names of two kami, Honoakari no mikoto and Amenohoakari no mikoto, and since the two are associated with differing lineages, it would appear that the tradition includes two separate kami with similar names.

-Nishioka Kazuhiko
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