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Tenshinkyō Shin'yūden Kyōkai
A Shinto-derived new religion founded by Kamiide Fusae (1922-1980). Having become a devotee of Tenrikyō due through her aunt's introduction, Kamiide had a sudden experience of spirit possession (kamigakari) in 1958. The oracle she received was from the "kami of heaven, the original kami," who proclaimed that the kami's representative on earth, the spirit of Nakayama Miki (founder of Tenrikyō), would be transferred to the body of Kamiide, with the result that she would now be the "second founder" with the mission to save human beings. The movement calls the kami (who revealed this message) Tenshin'ō no mikoto ("heavenly deity king"). Kamiide quickly developed the reputation of being a "living kami (ikigami)" in the area of Senzai where she lived, and thus came to be known as the "goddess of Senzai (Senzai no kamisama)."
       In 1965 the movement was registered as a religious corporation and assumed its current name. Kamiide Fusae died in 1980, but followers believe that her spirit still descends to provide followers with guidance. In 1988 the movement built what it calls its "peace castle" (heianjō) as the center of world salvation. According to Fusae's prophecies, seven people would appear to transmit the voice of the kami, and of these seven, two (the wife of the current leader Kamiide Taikō and Fusae's disciple Shimoide Masamitsu) today transmit what are referred to in the movement as the osashizu–the words of Fusae and of the kami–to her followers.
       Headquarters: Mie Prefecture
       Nominal membership: approximately 4,000 (S)

—Yumiyama Tatsuya
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