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Aofushigaki shinji
A rite that has ritualized the kuniyuzuri myth from the Kiki. It is performed over a period of thirteen days centering on April 7th at Miho Jinja in Mihoseki, Yatsuka-gun, Shimane prefecture. The rite is based on the myth wherein Kotoshironushi built a green brushwood-fenced enclosure in the sea and aligned the side of his ship with the fence to hide in it after the transfer of the land. A temporary structure is constructed by tying together two fishing vessels. They are surrounded and decorated like a fence with green brushwood. A flag of a great fish is raised and two groups of shrine supporters (tōya) climb into their respective boats. A miko dance is performed in another vessel to the accompaniment of drums and other musical instruments. After this the ships land in front of the shrine. Having presented gohei (sacred paper streamers) cut in a wave pattern, both groups make offerings to the kami.

— Mogi Sakae
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