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Okao shinji
A rite observed on January fifth at Hinomisaki Jinja of Taisha-chō, Hikawa–gun, Shimane Prefecture. A shinsen (sacred meal) of mochi (pounded rice cakes), red beans, rice gruel, and twelve hand-formed rice balls among other foods are offered to the kami. A banquet is also held on the seventh. Okao, "chasing away evil kami," the name of the rite, comes from the following tradition: "During the night of the fourteenth on the first month of the third year in the Tengen era (980 CE), the heavens were suddenly clouded over, and the voice of the great kami reverberated from the sky. 'There are evil kami gathered in this place. Cook a sacred meal, wrap it in seaweed and present it to the kami. If you then send the meal out to sea, the evil kami will likely leave.' This rite began as a result of offering a banquet in accordance with the heavenly voice." At the present time the shrine continues to observe only the seventh day banquet.

—Mogi Sakae
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