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Established after World War II, a kenpeishi is an emissary sent by the Association of Shinto Shrines (Jinja Honchō) to its affiliated shrines to present tribute (heihaku) on behalf of the Association. This tribute (heihakuryou) is presented on the occasion of reisai, chinzasai, honden senzasai, or shikinen-sai. The offering is called a kenpei, and the emissary is the kenpeishi. The Association's regulations call the kenpeishi's offering an expression of sincere reverence for the kami and a prayer for the flourishing of "the virtuous Way." The choice of the emissary varies according to the status of the shrine.

— Inoue Nobutaka
A kenpeishi taking part in a worship service.

Mie Prefecture, 2006

©Yoshino Tōru

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