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Hime tatara isuke yori hime(Kojiki)
Other names: Hime tatara isuzuhime no mikoto (Nihongi)

Consort of Emperor Jinmu. According to Kojiki, the kami Ōmononushi of Miwa saw Seyadatarahime, daughter of Mizokui of Mishima, and immediately fell in love with her. While the girl was relieving herself beside a stream, Ōmononushi transformed himself into a red-lacquered arrow that struck the genitals of the young woman. Startled, the young woman took the arrow home, where it became a handsome young man who impregnated her, resulting in the birth of Himetatara Isukeyorihime.

Kojiki relates that the kami's name was originally Hototatara Isusukihime no mikoto, but the initial hoto (a word meaning "genitals") was disliked and later dropped.

-Nishioka Kazuhiko
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