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Kisei, also pronounced as kishō, refers to entreating the kami through prayer and has the same meaning as kitō, kigan and kinen, and so forth. According to Shoku Nihongi, for example, one entry (twelfth month, tenth day, 740) describes how Fujiwara no Hirotsugu (?-740), while leading an uprising, ordered Generalissimo Ōno no Azumahito to pray to the Hachiman deity, and another entry (tenth month, twenty-first day, 755) mentions that prayers and offerings were presented at the tombs of the preceding six emperors and to other deities for the recovery of the current emperor's health. Sandai jitsuroku also includes multiple entries that mention kisei, including one (twenty-fourth day, second month, 878) describing how Nakatomi Arimoto, Major Deputy of the Department of Divinities, prayed to 100 deities for the construction of the Daigokuden Hall.

— Shimazu Norifumi
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