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Sumomo matsuri
The sumomo matsuri is a festival held on July 20 at Ōkunitama Jinja in Fuchū City, Tokyo Prefecture, in which special offerings (shinsen) of plums and rice with chestnuts (kurimeshi) are offered to the kami. Eating the plums on the day of the festival is believed to exorcise evil spirits and prevent summer maladies. Fans painted with drawings of crows are distributed to the worshipers with the belief that waving the fans at the fields prevents insects from attacking the crops. Before the mid-Edo period, this festival was considerably larger, eclipsing the same shrine's kurayami matsuri in size.

— Mogi Sakae
The Sumomo matsuri or "Plum Festival" of Ōkunitama Shrine—a scene where plums are sold stalls.

Tokyo, 2007

©Ōsawa Kōji

Footage of the Sumomo Matsuri. Stalls and shops selling plums line the approach to the shrine.

Tokyo, 2007

©Ōsawa Kōji

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