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[Kamo Taketsunumi no mikoto] (Fudoki)
Principal object of worship (saijin) of the shrine Kamo no Mioya Jinja. According to fragmentary passage from the Yamashiro no kuni fudoki, the kami originally descended to the peak of Takachiho in Hyūga (Kyushu), and acted as guide to emperor Jinmu, stopping in Mount Katsuragi in Yamato, then moving to Yamashiro and finally being enshrined in a place on the upper reaches of the Kamo River (called Ishiwawa no Semi no Ogawa). It was said that that place was later called "Kamo" after the deity's name.

It is also related that he married the kami Ikakoyahime and produced the offspring Tamayorihiko and Tamayorihime; Tamayorihime later produced a child, and Kamo Taketsunumi assembled the various kami at a banquet in order to learn who the father of the child was. The child itself was Kamo Wakeikazuchi, the central deity of the shrine in Kyoto by the same name.

-Mori Mizue
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