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A comprehensive term for the four main national holidays of the prewar period: New Years, Kigensetsu, Tenchōsetsu, and Meijisetsu, After the Meiji restoration observances such as shihōhai, chōga, shinnen enkai were amalgamated into a protracted New Year's celebration, to which the newly established holidays of Kigensetsu< and Tenchōsetsu were added and celebrated as the "three main holiday seasons," or sandaisetsu. In 1927, a "fourth" national holiday called Meijisetsu was added to commemorate the Emperor Meiji's birthday, November 3. Thereafter, the major national holidays became commonly known as shidaisetsu, or the "four major holiday seasons (setsu)," though strictly speaking, there is no word for New Years observances that ends with -setsu.

— Sakamoto Koremaru
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