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Tsuina shiki
This is a setsubun event held in February at Nagata Shrine in Nagata Ward, Kobe City, Hyōgo Province. Decorative flowers (kazaribana) hang from several large willow branches strung with small rice cakes (mochi) and mandarin oranges on the pillars to the right and left of the haiden. On a cutting block in the haiden, two large round mochi on sakaki leaves called "Sun and Moon mochi" (hitsuki no mochi), sixty-four small mochi wrapped in sakaki leaves (representing the sixty-four prefectures of Japan), and twelve oni mochi, tied into groups of six with arrowroot twine and representing the twelve months of the year are displayed. Seven people wearing oni costumes come out and dance on a stage built in front of the haiden while holding up torches. After circling the shaden, the "mochi-splitting oni" (mochiwari oni) appears and attempts to split the Sun and Moon mochi using a battleaxe or a mallet before being chased away by the crowd.

— Mogi Sakae
Footage of the Tsuinashiki at Nagata Jinja.

Hyōgo Prefecture, 2006

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