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Tsukiyama shinji
This spring festival is held on April 23 at Nijō no Imizu Jinja in Takaoka City, Tōyama Prefecture. Participants build an artificial hill (tsukiyama) that serves as a "fixed stage" (sueokigata no butai) within the keidai (shrine precincts). Figurines of the Four Deva Kings (heavenly protectors of Buddhism) —Jikoku, Tamon, Kōmoku, and Zōchō— stand at the front of the stage, decoratively surrounded by artificial lotus and cherry blossoms. The ritual welcomes the kami descending from Futagamiyama Mountain, represented as an old man (okina) kami displayed at the center of the upper level of the tsukiyama. After a ceremony at the honden, three "sacred palanquins" (shin'yo) proceed to the tsukiyama, where the ritual takes place in front of the kami.

— Mogi Sakae
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