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Nōmai shinji
This ritual performance of dance and Nō plays is held on February 15 at Ugan Shrine in Ikeda Town, Imadate County, Fukui Prefecture. Four dengaku dance pieces and five Nō plays are performed at the shrine's hall of worship (haiden). These pieces are followed by another entitled "Notto" in which a man wearing the white Nō mask of an old man (Hakushikijō) speaks auspicious words and dances while holding a stick with sacred white paper streamers as a torimono. Then, a man wearing the black "Kagura mask" (shinmen) of an old man (Kokushikijō) called "Ama" appears and dances. Three men next appear in a line, each wearing a mask called Amajangoko and a jaguma (wig-like hair) headpieces, then crouch as they circle the stage while crying out, "Ah, un!" Finally, a votive Nō play is performed that is said to have been passed down locally.

— Mogi Sakae
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