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Hatsuho matsuri
This ritual to celebrate the first ears of rice harvested is held on October 15 at Ikukunitama Shrine in Tennōji Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. It was formerly held on the twenty-eighth day of the ninth lunar month. Twelve young girls as food servers bear ears of rice piled in bamboo baskets from the shinsensho, where food offerings are prepared, and present them before a portable shrine (mikoshi) set in front of the inner sanctuary (honden). The recitation of norito prayers by the chief priest (gūji) is followed by the formal offering of tamagushi and other ceremonies, then a kagura dance is performed. This observance forms a pair with the shrine's Sanae matsuri (rice sprouts festival), which is a rice-planting ritual held on May 28.

— Mogi Sakae
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