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Hana-tsumi matsuri
"Picking Flowers Festival." A ritual held on April 13–14 at Ōtori Shrine (Ōtori Jinja) in Sakai City, Ōsaka Prefecture. Young children in festive costumes, blossom gathering girls (hanatsumime) and a float decorated with flowers (hanaguruma) pulled by several tens of men accompany the portable shrine (mikoshi) transporting the kami as it travels down Ōtori Avenue to the temporary enhrinement place (angūsho). At the temporary enshrinement place, a ceremony is held with food offerings (shinsen) of fish caught by the local fishermen. The blossom gathering girls make offerings of mustard seed blossoms, ears of barley and other seasonal flowers. In earlier times they gave baskets of flowers. One explanation of the festival is that the enshrined kami (saijin) is engaged in flower-viewing (hanami).

— Mogi Sakae
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