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Hikimen Gokitō
Hikimen Prayers. An archery rite held at Fūrō Shrine (Fūrō-gū) in Ōkawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, from the twenty-eight day of the third month to the second day of the fourth month of the old Lunar Calendar. Shrine officials (shinshoku) shoot kaburaya (arrows with turnip-shaped heads) with Ame-no-haba arrows and Ame-no-kago bows. The holes of the kaburaya make a whistling sound and are called hibiki-me (echoing holes). Shortened, this is pronounced hikimen. The seven families making offerings at the Hikimen Prayers are said to be direct descendants of Azumi-no-Isora. On the next day (the third of the fourth month), there are ceremonies held on boats in an offing of the Ariake Sea. This is called the "Offing Pilgrimage (oki-mairi)." It is a religious event founded on the prayers for quieted winds and rains made to the sea divinities (kaijin) by Empress Jingū (Jingū kōgū) on the occasion of her expedition to the three kingdoms of the Korean peninsula.

— Mogi Sakae
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