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Hi no mai shinji
Fire Dance Rite. A rite at which fire is thrown, held on 20 November at Kita Shrine in Kushima City, Miyazaki Prefecture. Dancers are selected from the youth of local parishioners (ujiko), with a very strict period of abstinence (kessai) and purification (bekka) continuing for half a month prior to the rite. In the evening of the festival day, after the ceremonies are completed, kagura (sacred music) dances are performed by the dancers from the previous and current year in front of the shrine. A great bonfire is burnt on the shrine precincts (keidai). When it has burnt down, the embers are scattered and the dancers, after honoring the fire, scoop up the embers and throw them about. At the end, kagura are performed at the shrine hall.

— Mogi Sakae
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