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Hi-no-mai matsuri
Fire Dance Festival. A festival held on February 7 at Yatsukaho Shrine, a related shrine (massha) of Toga Shrine (Toga jinja) in Ichinomiya Town, Hoi County, Aichi Prefecture. In the shrine precincts (keidai) a garden watch fire (niwabi) is set and after the intonation of ritual prayers (norito), shrine priestesses (miko) perform sacred dances (kagura) holding fans (ōgi) and bells. Shrine officials (shinshoku) pass to the miko Japanese paper that has been folded into the shape of flowers and into the center of which burning paper has been placed. These become hand implements for dancing (torimono) and during the dance the fire appears. The chances of fire-related calamities for the year are divined from the way the flames appear.

— Mogi Sakae
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