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Funa-hiki matsuri
Boat-Pulling Festival. A festival held on March 2 at Kanbe Shrine in Kushigata Town, Naka-Koma County, Yamanashi Prefecture. A rite for the enshrined kami Miwa-myōjin, the festival is a ritualization of events from the invitation and journey of the emanation spirit (kanjō) from the kami of Ōmiwa Great Shrine (Ōmiwa Taisha) of Yamato. A float resembling aboat is pulled along with Japanese laurel placed in the middle and with ritual batons standing at its center. In front of the kami, Shrine officials and someone impersonating Miwa-myōjin exchange questions and answers, discussing the journey. There is an archery rite.

— Mogi Sakae
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