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Mitoshiro tanemaki shinji
A rite of spreading the Seeds in the Sacred Rice Fields. A religious event held on July 1 at Ikushima Tarushima Shrine (Ikushima Tarushima jinja) in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture. A temporary hall called the okatashiro is built on the levee of the sacred rice fields (mitoshirota) and after the ceremonies the unhusked rice seeds that were offered before the kami are scattered into the sacred rice fields by the shrine's chief priest (gūji). Among the ceremonies, the kami Susanoo-no-mikoto is honored in an event called the Gion Tennō-oroshi Festival. On July 31 there is a Mitoshiro rice seedling transplanting rite. The mature seedlings are transplanted to the fields.

—Mogi Sakae
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