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[Kumano Kusubi no mikoto] (Kojiki)(Nihongi)
Other names: Kumano no oshihomi no mikoto, Kumano no oshikuma no mikoto, Kumano no oshisumi no mikoto,Kumano no osumi no mikoto (Nihongi)

The fifth of five male and three female offspring produced as a result of the trial by pledge (ukei) undertaken by Amaterasu and Susanoo, produced from the "seeds" (monozane) represented by the jewels wrapped around Amaterasu's right arm. Some scholars have identified this kami as the central object of worship (saijin) at the shrine Kumano Jinja in Shimane Prefecture, but Izumo no kuni fudoki states that the shrine's kami is Kumano Kamuro no mikoto (another name for Susanoo), while the Izumo no kuni miyatsuko kan'yogoto calls the kami Kaburoki Kumano ōkami kushimikenu.

-Mori Mizue
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